Legal Services/Clinics

We have prepared the following lists of legal services and clinics across Canada, which may be able to offer you assistance or information relevant to your work.

If you believe your organization should be included on this chart then please contact ALAS with “Legal Services/Clinics” in the subject line.

General Legal Services (Ontario)

  • 519 Legal Clinic – This clinic provides general summary legal advice specific to LGBTQ2S communities, and also offers legal clinics focused on criminal law, immigration, housing, notary services, and trans identification.
  • The Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic – They provide legal assistance in family, immigration, criminal and sexual assault law. They also provide counselling through therapy and group programs, as well as translation and interpretation to multiple languages.
  • Canadian Civil Liberties Association – This association is a human rights organization advocating for individuals through education and legislation. They monitor legal cases, litigate in court cases, and participate in research and education.
  • Downtown Legal Services – This service provides legal help for folks with low-income and who are residents of Toronto and/or students of the University of Toronto. They assist with: criminal law, employment law, family law, refugee and immigration law, housing law and university affairs.
  • Justice Net – This service helps low income individuals find legal expertise.
  • Law Society Referral Service – This service connects people with lawyers and folks who can provide legal assistance.
  • Legal Aid Ontario – This service provides multiple legal clinics in specialized areas of law including disability law, housing, employment, and many others
  • The Legal Clinic – This legal clinic assists with many areas of law including disability, housing, criminal law, human rights, employment and advice on small claims court.
  • Legalline – This service provides legal answers in plain language.
  • Neighbourhood Legal Services – This service provides legal assistance to low-income folks who live within a specific catchment area.
  • Probono Ontario – This service helps with various areas of law including employment, housing, consumer issues, going to court and corporate law for small businesses and nonprofits.
  • Steps to Justice – This service provides information about legal problems and outlines the various steps of the process.

Clinics by Area of Law or Demographic

Asian Legal Services

• Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic –  This legal clinic provides information to low-income non-english speaking folks from China, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

• South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario – This legal clinic provides assistance to South Asian individuals in various areas of law including family, criminal, consumer, human rights, social assistance and courts.

Black Legal Services

• Black Legal Action Centre – This service provides legal services to low-income Black folks in Ontario.

Disability Law

• ARCH Disability Law Centre – This clinic specializes in disability law.

Family Law

• Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) – This service is a legal education project to assist women understand family law.

French Language Legal Services

• Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes (AOcVF) – This is a french-language service serving francophone women facing violence.

• AJEFO (Association des juristes d’expression française de l’Ontario) – This service is a bilingual resource centre for francophone folks in Ontario. 


• Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation – This service provides help to folks facing concerns due to housing such as eviction and human rights violations.

Human Rights Law

• Human Rights Legal Support Centre – This service provides support in human rights law and has various locations across the province in Guelph, Hamilton, London, Thunder Bay, Toronto, and Windsor. 

Indigenous Legal Services

• Aboriginal Legal Services – This legal service assists aboriginal individuals with various areas of law including disability, housing, Indian Act matters, pensions, police complaints, criminal injuries and human rights.

Muslim Legal Services

• The Canadian Council of Muslim Women (CCMW) – This service provides downloadable resources specifically to serve Muslim women across the country.

Senior’s Legal Services

• Advocacy Centre for the Elderly – This clinic provides legal support and advocacy to low-income seniors.

Sex Workers’ Supports

• Maggies + The Biking Lawyer – This partnership between Maggies and the Biking Lawyer provides free legal consultations to sex workers working in the Greater Toronto Area.

Tax Clinics

• Agincort Community Services Tax Clinic

CLASP-KPMG Tax Clinic –The CLASP-KPMG Tax Clinic is the first of its kind that helps low-income people who have received a reassessment letter, or other communication. The Clinic is a partnership between KPMG, CLASP and Pro Bono Students Canada.

 Community Volunteer Income Tax Program
CRA Liaison Officer Service
• LAMP Income Tax Clinic
• Woodgreen Community Tax Clinic

Women’s Clinics

• METRAC – This service provides legal information and education for women facing gender-based violence.
• National Association of Women and the Law – This resource provides support through education, research and advocacy for the rights of women.

Youth Services

• Justice For Children and Youth – This service provides free legal representation to low-income youth in the Greater Toronto Area.