Arts Organisations in Canada

We have prepared the following lists of arts related organisations across Canada, who may be able to offer you assistance or information relevant to your work. Please also refer to the Canadian government’s list of funding sources for culture, history and sport, where you may find helpful information about financial support for the arts.

If you believe your organization should be included on this chart then please contact ALAS with “Arts Organizations Chart” in the subject line.

General Arts

Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA) – The AFA is a Government of Alberta crown agency that distributes funds from lottery revenues to those in the visual, literary and performing arts.

Arts Nova Scotia – Arts Nova Scotia is the provincial funding agency that provides support to professional artists and arts organizations, arts education programs and a number of arts awards and prizes.

British Columbia Arts Council (BCAC) – The BCAC is a stand alone organization established by British Columbia to promote art and culture in the province by facilitating grants, education and research.

Canada Council for the Arts (CCA) – The CCA is an “arm’s-length agency” that focuses on developing arts in Canada through grants and awards.

Conseil des arts de Montréal (CAM) – CAM is an organization that promotes the arts and culture by facilitating the establishment and distribution of the arts in Montreal.

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) – CALQ is a government organization that helps develop and advertise arts in QC through assisting artists and not for profit art/culture forums.

Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council (ArtsNL) – Arts NL is a non-profit that promotes the arts in Newfoundland and Labrador through financial aid programs and working with the government to promote arts and culture.

Ontario Arts Council (OAC) – The OAC is a independent agency that aids artists/art organizations in Ontario through financial grants, services and awards.

Ontario Creates – Ontario Creates (formerly known as the OMDC) is a provincial government agency that promotes cultural industries in Ontario. Its stated goal is to help Ontario be recognized as a global leader for cultural media products. The agency is a major source of support for various areas of arts and culture, including book and magazine publishing, music, media, film and television.

Prince Edward Island Council of the Arts (PEICA) – PEICA aims to make the arts an important part of the lives of all Prince Edward Islanders.

Saskatchewan Arts Board (SAB) – SAB prioritizes harbouring an atmosphere where the arts thrive in Saskatchewan.

La Société de développement des entreprises culturelles du Québec (SODEC) – SODEC assists those making and developing cultural projects and focus on ensuring the arts can contribute to the economy as much as is possible.

Toronto Arts Council (TAC) – TAC is an organization focused on aiding the development and recognition of the arts in Toronto. TAC also administers grants to art organizations and artists.

City of Vancouver Cultural Services – City of Vancouver Cultural Services promotes culture in Vancouver through three main initiatives: awards, public art, and cultural spaces.

Community Arts Council of Vancouver (CACV) – The CACV is an independent group and the first arts council in North America. The CACV has made broadening the scope of the culture/art scene in Vancouver its mission and has been essential to the creation and promotion of other arts/culture organizations in the Vancouver area.

Manitoba Arts Council – The Manitoba Arts Council is an agency of the provincial government established to foment the study, appreciation and making of artistic work. This is done through awards schemes in a wide variety of artistic forms, such as interpretative art, literature and architecture.

New Brunswick Arts Board – The New Brunswick Arts Board is an organization which funds the creation of arts to encourage and facilitate artists in the province.

New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture – The New Brunswick Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture features various initiatives including programs that fund the arts to promote cultural projects in the province.

Northwest Territories Arts Council – The NWT Arts Council was created to advise the government of the Northwest Territories regarding how to best promote arts in the area.

Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage – The Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage is an organization focused on increasing the prominence of culture in Nova Scotia and on acting as a hub for cultural curators.

Ontario Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport – The Ontario Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sport focuses on supporting economic growth through providing new and innovative artistic, cultural and tourism initiatives.

Yukon Arts Advisory Council (YAAC) – The YAAC guides the Tourism and Culture Minister on funding for artists and organization in the art space. The Council also assesses the efficiency of the implementation of art policies.

BC Alliance for Arts and Culture – The BC Alliance for Arts and Culture is a not-for-profit provincial organization that advocates for and educates the artistic community in British Columbia.

Film & TV

Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television – The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television is an organization that creates networking opportunities for cinema and television professionals.

Alberta Film – The Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television is an organization that creates networking opportunities for cinema and television professionals.

Alberta Media Production Industries Association (AMPIA) – AMPIA is a not for profit association geared towards professionals that aims to encourage independent motion pictures as an economic powerhouse in the province.

Alliance of Canadian Cinema Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA) – ACTRA is a union that negotiates and enforces agreements to ensure performers receive fair compensation and work environments.

Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative – The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative is a member-run registered charity based in Nova Scotia which serves as a network for filmmakers in and around the Halifax area and offers enriching workshops and classes.

Association Québécoise De La Production Médiatique (AQPM) – AQPM is a network of independent A/V production societies of Quebec, representing their rights as an industry.

Creative BC – Creative BC is an organization which provides funding for television and film projects in British Columbia in order to widen the breadth of the BC film industry.

Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (CSIF) – CSIF is a group made to act as a pillar of support for filmmakers, storytellers and to provide them with a network of like-minded people in cinema.

Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA) – The CMPA is a trade organization for Canadian independent producers who are developing English-language film, television, and digital media productions.

Canadian Heritage – The CMPA is a trade organization for Canadian independent producers who are developing English-language film, television, and digital media productions.

Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund (CIFVF) – CIFVF funds independent producers of educational film and other media in both official languages and has a special focus on supporting first-time producers.

Canadian Society of Cinematographers (CSC) – The CSC is a not-for profit-organization that features an expansive membership directory with students hoping to delve further into the industry, seasoned news veterans or camera operators. CSC also offers members events that focus on promoting cinematography nationally.

CineVic Society of Independent Filmmakers – CineVic co-op based in Victoria BC which is open to those with an interest in videography or film making. CineVic also provides extensive workshops, training programs and even discount on camera gear.

Cineworks -Cineworks is a non-profit organization for independent film makers and other media creatives. It offers equipment rentals, production facilities, and event programming in Vancouver.

Commercial Production Association Toronto (CPAT) – CPAT is a trade organization that supports advertising production in Toronto. Members produce screen based advertising content most commonly on the web or on TV.

Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) – DOC represents the independent documentary makers of Canada and the ultimate destination for those looking to engage in documentary advocacy. Through research and advocacy DOC promotes the independent documentary industry in Canada.

Directors Guild of Canada (DGC) – The DGC is a Canadian labour group representing almost 5000 creative/logistic personal engaged in the screen based industry from design, direction to producing and editing. DGC is also responsible for instigating discussion and agreements surrounding issues of concern for members i.e. Canadian content conditions.

DV Shop – The DV shop is an expansive online collection of digital video resources.

E-Script – E-Script supports playwrights by hosting online classes and workshops with some of the best professionals in the industry. E-script also provides mentoring services to new play writers.

FAVA: The Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta – FAVA is a non profit organization that supports the making, promotion and distribution of independent film, video and media. FAVA also offers members workshops and resources in Northern Alberta to help them excel in the independent film industry.

First Weekend Club – The First Weekend Club is a not-for-profit hub for those interested in Canadian films as it provides exclusive information about upcoming films through interviews, giveaways and member-only events. Essentially the mission is to take the status of Canadian filmmaking to the next level through spreading an awareness of the innovation taking place across the country.

Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC) – The SCGC is a Canadian network of music professionals, particularly music producers and composers.

International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE Local 891) – IATSE 891 is a union for those working as professional technicians/artists in film and television production in BC and the Yukon. IATSE 891 prioritizes labour conditions and healthcare for members and continues to help grow BC’s reputation as the ultimate filming destination.

Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa (IFCO) – IFCO was created to provide filmmakers in and around Ottawa with the necessary tools for them to flourish through training, funding and providing necessary facilities to make independent films.

Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA) – IMAA is a national group focused on advancing the media arts industry in Canada. IMAA represents hundreds of independent film, videos and new media production projects.

International Center of Films for Children and Young People (CIFEJ) – CIFEJ helps media educators by conducting workshops for children to learn the fundamentals of filmmaking and the ability to express themselves on camera. Additionally, CIFEJ also focuses on producing films and audio visual media that balances between education and entertainment and is specially made for children.

CANOE Showbiz (Canadian Online Explorer) – CANOE is a news network that provides online updates and information for fans about a wide variety of show business and celebrity news.

Main Film – Main Film is a community created to help independent filmmakers to realize their vision and to get their voice heard. The group focuses particularly on emerging talents in the sector and to supply the tools and visibility that they require.

Motion Picture Production Industry Association (MPPIA) – MPPIA is a non-profit group committed to improving the motion picture production industry in British Columbia.

National Film Board of Canada (NFB) – The NFB is a public film producer and distributor that produces and promotes unique audiovisual content.

New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Cooperative – The New Brunswick Filmmaker’s Cooperative supports its members with financial assistance, programming opportunities, workshops, networking and training sessions, and by showcasing their work in an annual Film Festival.

Newfoundland & Labrador Film Development Corporation (NLFDC) – The NLFDC was created to help raise awareness and develop the film industry of Newfoundland & Labrador. The organization also promotes work by filmmakers in the province through international and national forums.

On Screen Manitoba – Media Production Industry Association – On Screen Manitoba promotes the development of the media production industry in Manitoba, and represents a diverse range of members including, producers, writers, directors, and editors.

Playback – Playback is a national production and interactive media hub providing a unique view into industry trends and innovations to ensure members are able to keep up with the current trends.

Producers Association of Newfoundland & Labrador (PANL) – PANL is an organization that provides producers in Newfoundland and Labrador with a network of fellow film producers and works to continue the growth independent film production in the area.

The Cinematheque – The Cinematheque is a hub for cinema lovers in Vancouver that promotes classics, new movies and even underrated gems. Cinematheque also provides sources to enrich and inform members through educational programming and even a Program guide.

Quickdraw Animation Society – Quickdraw Animation Society is a co-operative run by artists that focuses on film production and animation workshops for people of all ages as well as screenings to educate and promote animation in the area.

National Screen Institute (NSI) – The NSI is the national training group in Western Canada for film, television and media writers, directors and producers which trains professionals in the industry in accordance with the demands of the global market.

Canadian Film Centre (CFC) – The CFC is a non-profit collective focused on helping Canadian creatives in the film industry accelerate their careers with the wider aim of promoting the screen-based digital industry

Real Screen – Realscreen is the go-to magazine for updates surrounding non-fiction films and television and the organization focuses on creating a diverse network to engage in discussion about the status and future of fact based entertainment.

Réals – L’Association des réalisateurs et réalisatrices du Québec (ARRQ) – L’ARRQ is an organization that joins together independent Francophone television and film directors.

ReelWest – ReelWest is a quarterly magazine that promotes and highlights development in Western Canada’s film, TV, and entertainment industries.

Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association (SMPIA) – SMPIA is a provincial organization that supports many different types of media producers, and promotes the production, exhibition, and appreciation of media in Saskatchewan.

Screen Nova Scotia – Screen Nova Scotia aids filmmakers and production teams find the ideal location for their film/television projects.

Société des Auteurs de Radio, Télévision et Cinéma (SARTEC) – SARTEC is a professional union for Francophone radio, television, and cinema writers that provides a host of services to advance its members’ professions.

Victoria Film Producers Association (VIFPA) – VIFPA is a Vancouver Island-based non-profit organization. Its members are independent film makers who create a wide range of entertaining and educational content.

Video Pool – Video Pool is a Winnipeg-based center for multimedia and video, run by and for artists. It provides workshops, rentals, and the Artspace building where members can work and hold events.

Western Arctic Moving Pictures – WAMP is a not for profit organization dedicated to the arts. Based in Yellowknife NT, the underlying purpose of WAMP is to make, support and promote film, video and media across the Northwest Territories.

Winnipeg Film Group
– The Winnipeg Film Group is run by artists and focuses on producing, showcasing and distributing the work of members with a view to encourage the art of cinema in the area.

Women in Film and Television Alberta (WIFTA) – WIFTA is not-for-profit collective that champions equity and fairness of professionals, and especially women in film and television. The underlying beliefs held by WIFTA is that achievements of women in the industry deserve to be recognized and that more opportunities need to be created. WIFTA contributes to ensuring these is achieved by supporting members and providing professional advice, networking and mentorship opportunities.

Women in Film and Television Vancouver (WIFTV) – WIFTV is a non-profit organization committed to supporting women in the film and television industries by supporting and advancing their professional and artistic achievements.

Work in Culture – WorkInCulture is dedicated to advancing workers in the Ontario cultural industry by highlighting job availabilities and linking members to keep the industry thriving.

The Writers Guild of Canada – The WGC is a member-based group for English-language screenwriters in Canada. Members include major players in Canadian film and television screenwriting.

Yukon Film & Sound Commission (YFSC – The YFSC is a program that advances the sound recording talent of Yukon and aims to ensure that professionals can build sustainable careers in the industry.


CMRRA (Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency Ltd) – CMRRA is a music licensing organization that administering the reproduction right for song compositions on behalf of music publishers and songwriters.

Société du droit de reproduction des auteurs compositeurs et éditeurs au Canada (SODRAC) –  SODRAC helps authors, composers and publishers across Canada by helping them navigate reproduction rights for the use of their work and royalty collection.

The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) – SOCAN helps professionals in the music industry including music creators, publishers, and visual artists by ensuring users of their creations are licensed and collect and redistribute royalties accordingly in Canada and across the world.

Re:Sound – Re:Sound is a non-profit music licensing group focused on gaining fair compensation for the performance rights of record companies and artists.

CONNECT Music Licensing – CONNECT Music Licensing manages licenses for the reproduction of sound recordings and broadcasting music videos on the behalf of artists or record companies (the copyright holders)

Music Canada – Music Canada is a trade organization involved in the recording industry. From manufacturing, producing, promoting and distributing music. Music Canada also promotes the interests of its members, including major record labels, their partners and the artists they represent.

Music Canada Live – Music Canada Live is a trade organization that highlights the benefits of the live music industry economically, socially and culturally. Music Canada Live is geared towards members including festivals, venues, presenters, ticketing companies and concert promotes.

Recording Artists’ Collecting Society (ACTRA RACS) – ACTRA RACS is a non-profit initiative dedicated to making sure musicians of all kinds are paid for the use of their work.

Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada (MROC) – MROC is a Canadian non-profit that administers royalties for sound recordings to musicians and copyright holders.

Artisti – Artisti collecting organization that represents thousands of Canadian performers.

Canadian Music Publishers Association – The Canadian Music Publishers Association is a trade organization that educates artists, copyright users, governments, and the public about the value and role of music publishers and copyright management and ensures that views of music publishers are represented in Canada.

Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA) – CIMA is a national non-profit trade association representing the interests of those in the independent music industry across Canada. CIMA exclusively represents small business and members include record producers, labels, owners of creative content, artists and professionals in sound recording/music videos.

Canada Music Fund (CMF) – The CMF looks to widen the Canadian sound recording industry and does this through a wide range of projects that promote links between creators and audience.

Foundation Assisting Canadian Talent on Recordings (FACTOR) – FACTOR is a not for profit collective that focuses on assisting independent music professions from distributors, engineers and video directors to songwriters and singers with a view to facilitating the growth of the independent recording industry in Canada.

Manitoba Music – Manitoba Music educates members about all areas of the music industry and provides career development, networking opportunities, and promotion guidance. Members include a variety of music industry professionals including managers, bands, artists, studios, songwriters, promoters and venues.

Manitoba Film and Music – Manitoba Film and Music is a non-profit supporting the province’s film, sound recording and video industries not only in Canada but globally. Members include music recording professionals and filmmakers

Music Action – MusicAction promotes the development of Francophone vocal music in Canada. the members are composed of people involved in the production and distribution of Francophone music in Canada.

Music British Columbia (Pacific Music Industry Association) – Music BC is a non-profit that facilitates education, advocacy financial compensation and networking opportunities for BC music professionals nationally and globally.

Music New Brunswick – Music NB is a provincial association for the music industry in New Brunswick with the aim of aiding growth of the music industry as a whole and also of musical talent. Music NB represents musicians, managers and businesses that make music in the province.

Music Newfoundland & Labrador – Music NL is a group that represents the music industry in Newfoundland and Labrador and promotes awareness around the musical projects taking place in order to facilitate further opportunities and growth.

Music Nova Scotia – Music NS is a not-for-profit organization made to develop and promote Nova Scotia’s music industry.

Music Prince Edward Island -Music PEI is a non-profit that provides members with services including facilitating career growth of PEI musicians and generally promoting music from PEI throughout Canada.

Music Yukon (Recording Arts Industry – Yukon Association) – Music Yukon is a non-profit that advocates for business training of musical professionals (and particularly those starting out) in order to improve the industry as a whole. The organization also offers mentoring schemes and access to information for members.

New Brunswick Arts Board (NBAB) – NBAB funds the arts in order to promote the prominence of art and culture in New Brunswick. It advocates for the creation and enjoyment of art and provides the provincial government with guidance regarding arts policy.

Radio Starmaker Fund – The Radio Starmaker Fund was created by Canadian Association of Broadcasters to invest in the careers of Canadian artists.

SaskMusic – Sask Music is a non-profit organization that represents music professionals in Saskatchewan and provides a variety of services to members including workshops, one-on-one guidance.

SOCAN Foundation – The SOCAN Foundation is an independent organization focused on fostering the creation of music in Canada by providing an environment where music professionals can gain access to the prerequisite knowledge needed to further their careers.

Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences – CARAS aims to display the work of Canadian music and artists and does so through programs such as the JUNO Awards and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Members include Canadian musicians as well as the professionals in the music industry.

Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) – The CCMA is a non-profit trade organization that focuses on promoting the Canadian country music scene nationally and globally.

Canadian Federation of Musicians (CFM) – The CFM (previously known as the AFM Canada) is a well-established professional group catering to the needs of Canadian musicians by aiding them in negotiating fair agreements, ensuring their recorded music receives appropriate protection and arranging benefits such as healthcare for its members.

East Coast Music Association (ECMA) – The ECMA focuses on promoting music from the East Coast of Canada and the artists and industry professionals that help make said music, not only throughout Canada but around the world.

Music Managers Forum Canada (MMF) – The MMF Canada is a network of music managers dedicated to making sure Canadian musicians/recording artists are given their due share of compensation from various income sources.

Songwriters Association of Canada (SAC) – The SAC is a network of songwriters that advocates for the value of songwriters’ work.

Breakout West – Breakout West is an organization committed to building and developing the music industry in Western Canada.

Alberta Music – Alberta Music is a not for profit service providing association committed to ensuring musicians and music professionals in the province can succeed by providing development workshops and the like.

Association québécoise de l’industrie du disque, du spectacle et de la vidéo (ADISQ) – ADISQ is a trade organization for Quebec-based companies in the recording industry. Since its inception, ADISQ has prioritized the interests of its members and is tasked with ensuring the independence and vigour of the music production industry.

Music Northwest Territories – Music NWT helps facilitate the growth of the music industry in the Northwest Territories by advertising and distributing the work of NWT artists.

MusicOntario – Music Ontario is a not-for-profit organization which provides opportunities for advancement and education for professional musicians. MusicOntario functions as a part of the Canadian Independent Music Association (CIMA). Members include music supervisors, bands, individual artists, creative collectives, booking agencies, distributors, industry professionals (i.e. sounds engineers), venues, promoters, and radio stations.

Music and Film in Motion (MFM) – MFM is a non-profit focused on advancing, promoting, and developing the music and film industries of Northern Ontario.

Screen Composers Guild of Canada (SCGC) – The SCGC is a professional network predominantly for music producers and composers of music for film, television, and other media.

Performing Arts

Visual Arts